Westwerk, WerkPress, and Press75 Review

I don’t write many recommendations on this blog, as our staff writer does most of the things along the lines of plugin and theme reviews. I’m more known for writing our Beginner Dev and Art of the WordPress Startup series. Over the next 2-3 weeks I’ll be writing about someone or some organization that I recommend you become familiar with if you’re not already. This week I’d like to give a mention to Westwerk, WerkPress, and Press75, which all come out of the same swanky office space in Minneapolis. As usual, I’d like to disclose that none of the below links are affiliate ones and i’m not getting paid to write this. With that out of the way, here goes…

Westwerk is a full service digital agency that’s been around since 2005, back when magazines still existed, internet connections were terrible, people lived on McDonalds, and BlackBerry still had relevant market share. Fast forward to 2014 and they’re now a powerhouse agency with a portfolio full of big names including Mayo Clinic, Aveda, Eventbrite, Zynga, University of Minnesota, United Nations, and even NASA. So rocket scientists like them, but what is WerkPress?

Well, that’s their division that focuses on WordPress and is probably most relevant to you. WerkPress is a team within Westwerk that knows WordPress in and out. They travel to WordCamps, follow WordPress blogs, and know about the latest and greatest plugins. So the same team that created that swanky homepage video layered in the background on Westwerk.com is the one who’ll be making your WordPress dreams come true.

So now that we know Westwerk is a full service digital agency and WerkPress is their WordPress division, what is Press75? Well, it’s a theme shop backed by the same serious design talent. They offer premium WordPress themes that don’t look like they cost $5. Do you want your website to look like it cost $5? Didn’t think so.

Their themes start at $49 which makes them more expensive than cheap shops but not the most expensive on the market, meaning they are still within reach of the average person looking to get up and running. I met Andre Agassi and he told me “image is everything“, and you want your WordPress site to look great right? If you’re a freelance developer and need some themes for your clients’ sites, then consider their All Themes package for $199.

If you need one more reason to consider using anything made by this team, I have the obvious answer. They’re good people, especially partners Travis and Nick whom I’ve had the pleasure to interact with. It might be cold in Minnesota, but this agency is on fire.