What to Expect at WordCamp Europe 2018

WordCamp Europe 2018, one of the most anticipated and attended WordCamps all year long, is just around the corner: starting on June 14 with official planned events happening until the last day of the conference, on June 16. This year, the conference location is Belgrade, Serbia.

Regular tickets are sold out, but you can still purchase Microsponsor tickets for 150 euros or live stream the event for free.

Clearly, the majority of the expenses you’ll need to budget for when coming to WordCamp Europe (or any other WordCamp outside of where you live) have to do with travel and accommodations. But even if your employer is paying for your passage to Belgrade, why not take a few extra days to explore the city outside of planned WordCamp Europe activities? Certainly, this is an approach many WordCamp attendees take, even if its just to road trip around Europe.

So, getting ready to attend WordCamp Europe 2018? Here’s everything you need to know to prepare yourself and make the most out of your time in Belgrade.

WordCamp Europe 2018 Schedule, Sessions, & Speakers

This year’s WordCamp Europe event is packed to the brim with talks from some of the WordPress community’s favorite thought leaders.

Each time slot blocks out an hour but talks only last for 40 minutes (30 minutes dedicated to speaking, with 10 minutes allotted for Q&A). Use that extra 20 minutes to network with attendees, visit a sponsor booth, or just take a few moments for yourself, to relax.

Thursday, June 14th – WordCamp Europe Contributor Day

The first day of WordCamp Europe 2018 is Contributor Day. If you’re just making your WordCamp Europe 2018 plans now, unfortunately, you won’t be able to attend this particular event (save for someone giving you their ticket): all 500 slots have been spoken for.

If you’re new to the WordPress community (or attending WordCamp events), here’s what you need to know: Contributor Day is where attendees are given the chance to give back to WordPress in order to help it grow. Contributor Day allows WordPress developers to contribute to the open source code behind WordPress.

Friday, June 15th – WordCamp Europe Day 1

WordCamp Europe 2018 sessions officially begin Friday, June 15. Registration will start at 8:00AM, followed by open networking and opening remarks.

Sessions and workshops will commence at 10:00AM, lead by Paolo Belcastro, Adam Silverstain, Matias Ventura (The Gutenberg Team), Thorsten Frommen and Carl Alexander, and Lara Schenck.

While speaking sessions are allotted for a timeslot of an hour each, workshops last anywhere from 90 minutes to 3 hours. Since sessions and workshops are held simultaneously on different tracks, maximize your time by selecting which you’d most like to attend prior to arriving for registration.

  • Join Pagely’s very own Maura Teal, Software Engineer, for a talk on The Balancing Act of Caching in WordPress at 12:00pm.Maura will be including her own experiences as a web developer working on a large-scale WordPress multisite as well as sharing the perspective from a hosting company’s point of view.
  • Don’t miss the 90 minute workshop with Pagely’s Robert Rowley, Security Lead, on Making Security Simple for Plugin Developers at 3:00pm.Robert will discuss the tactics attackers use to exploit code, the most common ways developers introduce insecure code to a site, and what you can do to help avoid these issues. Bring a basic knowledge of PHP and knowledge of the HTTP stack to get the most out of Robert’s workshop.

Last year, WordCamp US boasted the likes of WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg as one of their guest speakers. This year, WordCamp Europe attendees will get the chance to catch Mullenweg live, and engage in a Q&A with him.

Sessions and workshops will continue until 5PM.

Saturday, June 16th – WordCamp Europe Day 2

Day two of WordCamp Europe 2018 will continue at 9AM, lead by sessions from Davide Casali and David Needham, and 60-minute workshops from Lucas Prigge, Nathan Kuik, and Yvette Sonneveld.

Sessions will go until 4pm, with the event closing at 5pm. To wrap up WordCamp Europe 2018, attendees are invited to an after-party event at Belexpo Center.

Look through all the WordCamp Europe 2018 sessions and speakers.

WordCamp Europe 2018 Sponsors

If you’re the type of conference-goer who likes to collect swag from sponsors, then you’ll be particularly excited about the sponsors who are showing up this time around.

Sponsors include big names in WordPress and the Internet at large, including the likes of WooCommerce, Jetpack, Google, Yoast, Sticker Mule, Sucuri, and PayPal. Check out the full list of sponsors and consider a microsponsorship if you’d like to be part of a group mention on the WordCamp Europe 2018 website.

Location, Local Transportation, and Accommodations

WordCamp Europe 2018 Location

The main conference (June 15–16) will be held in Sava Centar. This venue is the largest conference, business, and cultural center in Serbia, equipped to accommodate WordCamp Europe’s forecasted 3000 attendees.

Sava Centar is located in Milentija Popovica 9, Belgrade.

WordCamp Europe 2018

Contributor Day and After Party Location

Contributor Day will take place on June 14th and the official WordCamp Europe 2018 after-party will take place on June 16th. Both events will welcome attendees at Belexpo Centar. Belexpo Centar is 2 kilometers away (about 1.24 miles) from Sava Center. It is located at Spanskih boraca 74, Belgrade.

Getting to Belgrade, Serbia

If you’re very late make your travel plans, WordCamp Europe 2018’s organizers have prepared helpful and detailed instructions regarding how to get to Belgrade, Serbia via airplane, bus, train, or car. These are useful if you’re coming from other major European cities, or traveling to Belgrade as part of a larger Euro trip.

For getting around within Belgrade, check out another guide the WordCamp Europe 2018 organizers put together on local transportation.

Belgrade, Serbia Accommodations for Every Budget

Not a local? Not a problem. The organizers for WordCamp Europe 2018 have put together a handy list of potential accommodations at various price ranges. If an employer is not footing the bill, there are several budget hotels and hostels on the list (and you can always check out Airbnb if nothing strikes your fancy!).

A Few Ideas for Exploring Belgrade

While you’re in Belgrade, why not take the opportunity to explore the city and appreciate its beauty? For those coming from outside Europe (and everyone else who hasn’t visited this city yet!), it makes sense to attend WordCamp Europe 2018 as a tourist, planning your itinerary accordingly.

Say goodbye to WordCamp Europe 2018 and hello to vacation time by attending the WCEU 2018 After Party at Belexpo Centar on the last day of the conference, mingling with fellow WordPress users and professionals. This can be a great way to learn about any remaining side events and meetups organized by WordCamp Europe attendees.

If you love exploring a new place after hours, the WordCamp Europe organizers recommend Dragstor Play and Freestyler to go for a night out (and there are plenty of additional nightlife recommendations from the team!).

Are you bringing your family along for the ride? Organizers suggest taking them to Knez Mihailova Street and Kalemegdan or Botanical Garden Jevremovac.

Planning to stick around for awhile? Consider exploring other nearby cities in Serbia, such as Novi Sad or Kragujevac.

Most interested in filling your belly with the local fare? Check out delicious Belgrade street foods or visit places from this organizer-curated list of the best places to eat and drink in Belgrade.

Final Thoughts: What to Expect at WordCamp Europe 2018

WordCamp Europe 2018 is right around the corner, so decide soon (like, today.) if you’ll be attending, then be proactive about booking transportation, accommodations, and getting to know the city of Belgrade, Serbia.

Regular tickets are sold out, but there are still some micro influencers tickets (as of the time of this post) so grab them now before they sell out! And if attending WordCamp Europe 2018 is just not feasible this year, rest assured, you can still watch conference sessions on WordPress.tv from wherever you are in the world.

Are you attending WordCamp Europe? A few very cool members of the Pagely team will be in attendance and would love the chance to meet up with you. Tweet at @Pagely to let us know if you’ll be there so we can connect you with Maura Teal, Software Engineer, and Robert Rowley, Security Lead, from Pagely.