WordPress database queries are getting 3x-4x faster on Pagely

We have been testing the Aurora database from Amazon over the last several months internally. The results are pretty amazing with 3x-4x speed improvement on $wpdb UPDATES and SELECTS over standard MySQL.

In a recent independent performance test of 19 WordPress hosting services we fared extremely well as expected.

The original managed WordPress company continues to put on dominant performance results.

Unlike competing WordPress Hosting services, Pagely is 100% powered by Amazon. With Amazon’s Aurora database going into production, our WordPress hosting is getting even faster.

Today Amazon has moved Aurora into general availability and we have began moving production sites to the new platform. It will be a several week process, and we will continue to gather benchmark data as we go. We will compile the existing benchmark data we have with the new production data and look forward to sharing soon.

Viva WordPress!


  1. Craig

    Very excited about seeing this speedy new database technology in production!


  2. Robert

    Hi, will all sites be moving over to Aurora? So everyone will have the fastest speeds? What about new people who sign up, do they get it?