WP Elevation: A Podcast and Business Accelerator Program for WordPress Consultants

WP Elevation is the home of the first business accelerator program for WordPress consultants who want to be more successful in their business, by getting better clients and charging higher rates. Alongside the program, the WP Elevation blog features regular business tips and a popular podcast series.

Through the WP Elevation weekly podcast, host Troy Dean interviews a range of guests from WordPress, marketing, and entrepreneurial circles, with the goal of imparting advice to help listeners grow their businesses more effectively.

The WP Elevation program includes regular webinars, coaching calls, and lots of templates and material to help aspiring WordPress consultants get started with attracting better clients. There is also a members’ forum for networking and sharing resources with other WordPress consultants. The program now also includes in-person master classes for getting some face time with the other WP Elevation participants.

Who is Behind WP Elevation

WP Elevation is run by Troy Dean, a WordPress and marketing entrepreneur from Australia, who has been building websites since 2000 and using WordPress since 2007. In the podcasts, Troy is joined by notable guests for interviews on how their got to where they are today, what they are currently working on, and plans for the future.

Top Content from WP Elevation

The podcast is undoubtedly the highlight from the WP Elevation blog and at the time of writing is on episode 39. To help you get up to speed with the past episodes, here are some highlights from the WP Elevation podcast:

As well as being available to listen and watch each episode on the website, the podcasts are also on iTunes and Stitcher.

Other Projects and Services

As well as WP Elevation, Troy Dean also founded and manages Video User Manuals, a product that delivers online and video manuals that cover how to use WordPress from a content creation perspective.

The Video User Manuals plugin has been created for developers to give to install on client sites, and save them the time and effort of creating their own WordPress manuals for their clients, while also helping to cut down the amount of support they have to provide after handover.


If you just want a weekly podcast that features some of the biggest names from the WordPress community and beyond, then WP Elevation comes highly recommended.

However, for those with aspirations of being a (more) successful WordPress consultant, then the WP Elevation Blueprint program is well worth checking out for all the advice, guidance, and support it provides its members.

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  1. Troy

    Hey thanks for the write up Joe.

    We had our first live Australian Masterclass in Melbourne last week and 30 people turned up to learn how to up their game. Our guest speakers included David Jenyns who presented on Authority Content and we filmed our very first live episode of the podcast featuring Elliot Condon from Advanced Custom Fields. It was awesome – here’s a quick snap: http://instagram.com/p/p7UxghtMEl/

    Thanks again for the write up. Keep up the great work.


  2. Joe Fylan
    Joe Fylan

    Thanks for the extra info Troy.

    Looks like you’ve had a couple of great masterclasses so far.

    Will keep an eye out for one in my neck of the woods.