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The big 3 reasons why Pagely is the choice for scaling and managing WordPress.

Managed WordPress Hosting

1 Innovation

Pagely invented Managed WordPress. Yes, the entire industry started right here. Being first in itself is cool, however the near decade of experience we have gained gives us a deep level of technical expertise you will not find elsewhere.


2 Scalability

The most flexible and powerful architecture solution for WordPress lives here. By utilizing Amazon Web Services, your site gains the same benefits of scaling in the cloud as the largest brands in the world.

Managed WordPress Hosting

3 Independence

Do business with people, not faceless corporations. We are a people powered company, independent and profitable. This freedom allows us to focus on keeping our company in alignment with the needs of our customers.

5 More solid reason's to choose Pagely® for Hosting WordPress

Managed WordPress Hosting

4 Managed Means More

Your WordPress site is kept safe and updated with automatic WordPress core updates, plugin updates, backups, speed optimization and a suite of custom tools to make your WordPress experience better. Focus on your site, we'll handle most everything else as the leading Managed WordPress web hosting service.


5 Proactively Secured.

While nothing is 100% hack-proof, we have made it our mission to be the most secure WordPress web host around. We developed PRESSARMOR specifically to address the security concerns around WordPress. Add to that if there is ever a problem, it's our job to fix it.


6 Amazon, Amazon, Amazon

In Real Estate they say: location, location, location. If you are going to operate on the internet, the location should be a given. Utilizing Amazon allows us to scale globally, and pass along all the value of hosting in the cloud.


7 Boss WordPress experts

We can talk about the depth of our staff's WordPress knowledge, or how we know the little tricks to make your site sing, or we can just prove to you that we are here to help and assist you making your WordPress Experience better. Support is always a click away.


8 Trusted by... well everyone

How does an independent company boast a client list in the thousands? By creating a product that works and backing it up with solid support. We cant say we are perfect 100% of the time, but we always give 120% effort. Major universities, Fortune 100's, and people just like you use Pagely for WordPress Hosting.

Rave Review

When planning our 9th year of Decibel Festival, our most ambitious event yet, we sought out a WordPress hosting partner that could handle the crush of traffic as we announced our festival lineup and Decibel goers flocked to the site for information. delivered above and beyond our expectations, proactive with performance suggestions and totally on the ball. Highly recommend! – Sean Power, Conference Co-Chair, Decibel Festival

Sean Power

You don't always choose WordPress for your projects but when you do, you host it at Pagely.

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