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Pagely started the trend

1 Wherever you hear companies talking about Managed WordPress Hosting, they are following our lead. Pagely was created in 2006 and relaunched in 2009. We are the largest and most trusted Managed WordPress Web hosting provider and have continued to push forward with new systems to make your experience better. Learn about our History.

WordPress Hosting

Secure WordPress Hosting

Secure like Fort Knox

2 While nothing is 100% hack-proof, we have made it our mission to be the most secure WordPress web host around. We developed PRESSARMOR™ inhouse and with our provider Firehost we can offer best in class Secure Cloud WordPress Hosting, Redundant Firewalls and DDoS protection on top of our custom firewall rules for securing WordPress.

Boss WordPress experts

3 We can talk about the depth of our staff's WordPress knowledge, or we know the little tricks to make your site sing, or we can show you that we are here to help and assist you making your WordPress Experience better. Support is always a click away.

WordPress web host

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed means more

4 Your WordPress site is kept safe and updated with automatic WordPress core updates, plugin updates, backups, speed optimization and a suite of custom tools to make your WordPress experience better. Focus on your site, we'll handle most everything else as the leading WordPress web hosting service.

After running into continuous security and reliability issues at another hosting facility, we decided to move our site to Pagely. Since then, we've been able to focus on managing our site, rather than worrying about whether or not it was online. We would recommend it to others.

Advanced caching for sick speeds

5 Every site on our system is pushed through our caching layer which serves requests at 54milliseconds on average. Your site visitors will enjoy speedy page loads and you will enjoy the boost in your Google rankings (which now considers site speed as a ranking factor).

People first

6 We are not your typical company. To start with we are a self-funded company founded by a husband and wife team. We care about our customers and not just our profit margins. 1% of all profits are donated to charity to boot. You have a choice, do business with the mega-corps or your neighbors.

For People, Business, Enterprise

7 With 4 plans to choose from Pagely offers service for all types of customers. Plans are based on traffic levels and a couple other metrics. Upgrade any time and don't fret, Never a contract and cancel anytime.

Trusted by.. well everyone

8 How does a small independent company boast a client list in the thousands? By creating a product that works and backing it up with solid support. We cant say we are perfect 100% of the time, but we always give 120% effort. Major universities, Fortune 100's, and people just like you use Pagely for WordPress Hosting.

Hacked? Slow page loads? Tired of being upsold? Give us a try today, we'll treat you right.

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About the day trial period: Try our managed WordPress Hosting for free for days. At the end of your trial period you will be billed at the rate of your chosen plan.

Enjoy these awesome benefits:

  • Automatic WordPress Core Upgrades
  • Automatic WordPress Plugin Upgrades
  • Automatic Nightly Backups w/ Restore
  • Advanced Caching & Optimization
  • Expert WordPress Support
  • Enterprise Grade Network Security
  • Malware Protection & Remediation
  • Cancel Anytime, No Long term contracts

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