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Is There an Additional Cost For CDN?

Each Pagley hosting plan provides an allotment of CDN that is included in your monthly plan fee, along with a preset amount of bandwidth and disk storage.

Resource allotments can be seen in our plan comparison matrix right on our VPS solutions page.

As you are preparing for a migration, our team will configure our PressCDN™ & PressCACHE™ systems that tie in our CDN and NGINX caching services on your behalf. These are designed to optimize your WordPress site’s performance and bring more profound levels of efficiency to your resource usage at no additional cost, allowing you to serve higher volumes of traffic faster, and for less.

Note: If you exceed your default monthly quota, we have very reasonable a la carte expansion options available for purchase should you require additional resources. These do not warrant a total plan upgrade. And, your site will continue serving even when your CDN limit is reached.

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