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How Should Customers Address A Performance Issue With Pagely?

If you have any questions or issues concerning the performance of your website, we encourage customers to Contact Support by opening up a ticket to explore these concerns on a deeper level. Our team will be able to help identify and diagnose any bottlenecks restricting your overall site speed and performance. 24/7 Support for both ticket and live chat are available on Pagely.

The Pagely Support Philosophy

Often times, we’re able to make minor fixes on our customer’s behalf and remediate those culprits for you to continue running on your current setup without automatically mandating upgrades. Articulate, above and beyond personal care is a key differentiator separating Pagely from the pack and plays a large role in why customers trust us with their best interests at heart. Our goal is to suss out the root causes of issues and work towards the best methods of resolve. Band-aid approaches simply don’t phase us, nor should they for you.

It’s important to note that while Pagely is acting as your expert DevOps arm for providing enhanced support around amplifying performance (amongst other critical needs), any code refining or functionality changes on your WordPress website resides on the customer’s plate to address.

Need help on the development side? Let us connect you with our agency partner network we confidently recommend for working these types of cases.

Extended Options For Support

Pairing a custom monitoring node (additional fee) with your Pagely VPS plan can be configured to alert you on whatever health metrics you decide are most important to you. Putting more insight into our engineers’ expert hands minimizes resolution times even further, giving you greater control over performance.

These custom nodes can also be set to monitor specific high-value pages of your site which gains you as close to the same level of insight as we have through our own AWS portals. Connect these with a dedicated Slack room (additional fee) for the most direct, intimate line of communication with our friendly expert support engineers starting

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