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Are Pagely’s VPS Hosting Plans Containerized?

At Pagely, we use Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) servers exclusively dedicated to the WordPress application and processing incoming front-end traffic. Your database is hosted on its own separate instance in either Aurora, MySQL, or MariaDB variations depending on your needs:

Typically, providers who support containerized products will oversell a single VPS (Virtual Private Server) by placing your site in a Docker container. In the managed hosting world, “VPS” doesn’t usually mean private to you specifically; it simply implies you’ll have your own siloed environment/container on the same server others are using.

We support Docker on a use-case basis to leverage microservices, learn more about customizing your own environment by clicking here.

Comparing the +’s and -‘s of Containerized (Shared) Hosting

There are potential wins to you, the website owner and drawbacks with this type of architecture. Utilizing CPU & PHP workers across a shared filesystem can yield more autoscaling power (the # of requests you can support at once) at the cost of degraded performance (how fast you can render a page). Dynamic sites like WooCommerce shops that depend more on PHP to process their requests are particularly susceptible to seeing issues.

Another major tradeoff is durability. It’s accustom with containerized plans to position your database on the same node as your web server. In the unexpected event of a disaster, the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is harshly extended when the database needs to be restored. By leveraging Amazon RDS and Availability Zones to house your database separately, customers realize higher levels of stability, security and flexibility for their WordPress application.

How’s Your WordPress Site Being Handled?

It’s important to understand how your WordPress site is being supported from a developer standpoint to the technology responsible for delivering the experience to your users. Explore our hosting spec’s across our variety of plan options all built specially for WordPress right here.

Have questions about our plans or approach to scaling WordPress? Reach out to our solutions experts to discuss!

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