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What Assets Does PressCDN Process?

The default rule for which assets (JavaScript files, stylesheets, images, etc.) are cached is every static asset in the wp-content directory that is under 10MB in size — but this is configurable based on your needs.

Traffic is routed directly to your Pagely VPS, either as a single node or High Availability pair for page requests. Requests for static assets are processed through CloudFront if PressCDN is enabled (default). CloudFront has a global edge network comprised of 100+ Points of Presence (PoP) to route requests through based on visitor location. Our NGINX caching layer is designed to serve your pages faster, and more efficiently.

As a customer, you have a choice to enable your WordPress app with full site acceleration, then everything would go through CloudFront and realize geo-caching and routing for pages as well as your static assets. Keep in mind this is configurable, but not our default configuration. Our WordPress expert staff can also write custom caching rules for your individual setup to accommodate whatever unique scenario you present.

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