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Does Bandwidth Usage Include Ingress and Egress?

Each Pagely VPS plan includes a dedicated block of bandwidth which accounts for egress bandwidth only. Any bandwidth consumed within AWS between your Amazon EC2 web server and database for example will not be additionally charged.

A Quick Recap of the Pagely Architecture

To add some helpful context, our architecture is unique to the Managed WordPress Hosting space and keenly designed with durability and performance in mind for WordPress. We decouple the front end server from your Aurora RDS database resources to enhance stability, recovery, and provide an edge in scaling your environment. This leaves your resources allocated on both ends directly towards processing your traffic and database queries. Whether you’re running a WooCommerce shop or scaling a high traffic Media site, we’ve found this to be the ideal setup for running WordPress successfully.

It’s also important to understand the difference between CDN vs Bandwidth. The majority of your assets (CSS, JS, images, and fonts) can be delivered by our PressCDN service instead, which accounts for the higher allotment of CDN.

Should you exceed either allotment of bandwidth or CDN, we have a la carte expansion options we can easily pair with your Pagely Hosting Plan.

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