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Changing PHP Versions: Per App Basis

Under the Apps tab in your Pagely Atomic dashboard, our customers have the option of toggling between different PHP versions on a per application basis. Opposed to mandating all of your WordPress sites to run on the same version, Pagely customers have the freedom of selecting which sites are running the latest versions and when to change.

Why Change PHP Versions?

By using the latest version of PHP, not only will your WordPress site have a tighter control on security, but you’ll also be able to take advantage of the impressive speed improvements available! With each new version rolled out, customers tend to realize quicker processing and less resource-intensity around usage. At Pagely, we recommend always keeping up-to-date on your PHP versions for finding the most stable performance.

This is applies to adjusting to either NGINX only-mode or Apache + NGINX under the same section in your dashboard. When onboarding with Pagely, we’ll automatically update your websites to the latest versions of WordPress core, plugins and PHP as your fully managed WordPress hosting provider.

What If I Run Into problems?

If you are concerned about plugin compatibility with the latest version of PHP, there are two options to bring you peace of mind:

  1. We recommend installing the PHP Compatibility Checker plugin. It offers simple, granular reporting for you to see what areas of your code may not up to speed with PHP 7.x.
  2. Test your application in a staging environment, separate from your live production app. Customers can either set up a staging app easily using our in-house Cloning Profile tool or by using a Git based workflow.

Find our entire process from our consultative sales chat to going live on Pagely right here.

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