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Where to Find Pagely’s SOC Reports

Our Cloud Service Provider (Amazon Web Services) meets or exceeds all of the physical security compliance standards, such as SOC I-III, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and more featured ​on the AWS compliance page.

These various attestations and reports are not publicly available and can not be distributed directly from our staff by agreement. Should you require viewing these documents, you must request these directly from AWS by creating a free Artifact Account to retrieve downloadable copies. SOC reports are newly issued every six months as stated on Amazon’s SOC FAQ page.

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While AWS is compliant from a physical hosting infrastructure standpoint, it’s important to understand that does not inherently mean that Pagely as an entity is SOC compliant. Pagely has not performed any of these three compliance audits and therefore we do not claim to be SOC-I,II, or III compliant.

We feel extremely confident in our Security Position, especially within the WordPress hosting ecosystem which serves as a core component we leverage to earn the trust of our valued customers. Pagely is in the process of obtaining PCI compliance with final approval available soon.

If you have further questions regarding how Pagely can work with you to meet your organization’s security compliance standards, please contact us to learn more.

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