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Can Pagely Manage My Domain?

Unfortunately, we are not a domain registrar, so we cannot handle things like domain renewal for you.

Pagely can, however, manage the DNS for your domain for you with our PressDNS feature. You would just point your nameservers to Pagely and enable the PressDNS™ feature on your account to realize the full benefits of PressCACHE™.

However, you would still need to have your domains housed with a domain registrar. If you want to leave your DNS with your registrar, just point your CNAME to Pagely when you are ready to go live.

Regarding domain registration, expiration, and renewal — registrars must notify you via email, starting about 30 days ahead of time, when your domain will expire. The safest option is to turn auto-renewal for your domain on, and to register it for longer periods of time (e.g., 10 years instead of 1 year) — that way you just don’t have to worry about it (as much).

Should your domain expire, our monitoring system would pick up on it immediately, because your site would start indicating that it was down — and we would reach out to you to get your domain re-registered.

For more information on the domain registration, expiration, and renewal process, check out ICANN domain name expiration FAQ website.

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