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How to Clear Select Pages From the WordPress Cache

When logged into your Pagely VPS, you can manually issue a PURGE cURL request that clears your cache for a single, specific post. This would be an alternative solution in which case you did not want cache for all pages to clear each time you issue an edit.

Important Note: If you’re seeking to clear cache and CDN entirely across the entire WordPress site, the Pagely Management plugin automatically purges all pages and posts when an addition or modification has been made, but isn’t something mandatory. It’s recommended to consult with our DevOps team first before deviating towards a routine outside of our default process.

The Pagely Management Plugin

Our Pagely Management Plugin continuously listens for WordPress hooks when actions like saving a post, updating an attachment or submitting a comment in the database are triggered from the WP-admin panel. When committed, our system automatically fires off a PURGE request. There are various workarounds to disable this all listed in our article on How to Change the Behavior of Cache Purge Plugin. For another method to programmatically clearing cache, you may want to use WP-CLI if you found those default hooks insufficient for your needs.

WordPress Cold Cache Issues

If you’re running into a cold cache issue when trying to clear only a single page’s cache, this essentially renders your caching mechanism worthless if there aren’t any values being stored. Thus you’re forced to read the request from disk, using up crucial resources from the server creating a potential issue with stability and performance.

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