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Are Assets Served From Amazon S3 Sent via CDN?

Yes, customers can store and serve their static assets from Amazon S3 and we can transparently proxy those so they look like they reside on the same server. This will allow you to utilize our CDN for those files.

Customers have a couple of options for enabling this:

Press3: our specialized Press3 Service auto routes your static assets to a personal Amazon S3 bucket. The main feature of Press3 is the ability to reduce the storage footprint on your Pagely VPS in a more affordable fashion. The sequence is as follows: your server will first check locally to render an image, then your Amazon S3 bucket, then once it is in cache, future requests will see faster loads using our PressCDN service.

Offload to S3: A free plugin that makes the synchronization process of pushing your files to S3 seamless in the background. With Offload to S3, nothing changes in your workflow for uploading files. It just pushes them behind the scenes to your Amazon S3 account and can be set up to do garbage collection on your server to conserve storage space.

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