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Can Customers Compatibility Test Updates In A Separate Environment?

Yes, we have what’s called a version freeze that you can administer on your main WordPress production site while letting your staging site update automatically instead.

Learn why a staging site is useful and How to Create a Staging Site for your WordPress instance in the linked blog article.

Pagely applies updates to both WordPress core and your WordPress plugins to relieve the burden of self maintaining these environments yourself. Our system is designed to operate behind the scenes, so no major downtime is mirrored to your visitors. These updates are meant to reflect performance improvements and enhancements made to the software along with the proper security posture that can be left potentially exposed for previous versions that aren’t kept up by the developers.

If necessary, we can manually upgrade your live WordPress production site incase of any concerns. Customers who are particularly conscious about any potential breakage will structure their update rollouts in this format, although typically errors aren’t an often occurrence.

Note: Plugin updates will need to be applied within a weekly window for security purposes. WordPress Core updates will need to be pushed by our support team, which can be requested by a quick support ticket.

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