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Compatibility Testing For WordPress Updates: Our Recommendations

Our systems are designed to take the impeding overhead and risks off your team’s shoulders by auto-updating both WordPress core and plugins for you. Server upgrades, core version and plugin updates are initiated to protect you from critical security exposure resulting from lack of support for outdated software and realizing any performance degradation.

These updates are designed to operate behind the scenes, so no major downtime is transmitted to your visitors. With this in mind, you may prefer to still perform compatibility tests before rolling these updates out. We can certainly help provide a process that circumvents any potential errors.

Does Pagely Check Compatibility Before Initiating Updates?

Prior to any major software or hardware update, we run our own set of internal tests to prepare our systems and customers for the best results and smoothest transitions. Our automated systems do not perform due diligence if whether your individual WordPress application is compatible with the latest versions available or not. We leave this to our customers to verify if a subsequent update is compatible with your custom WordPress theme and/or plugins.

How Can I Avoid Incompatibility Errors With WordPress Updates?

A best practice for proper compatibility assurance is to create a staging environment to dedicate as your testing instance we can forward these updates to. You would then be opting out of our auto-updates on your live domain. The non public-accessible staging app would essentially “take the hit” instead, shielding your visitors from seeing any signs of weirdness or breakage on the production instance. Our customers have a choice of whether they’d like to implement a server-wide or site-specific plugin auto-update block.

Note: Plugin updates will need to be applied within a weekly window for security purposes. WordPress Core updates will need to be pushed by our support team, which can be requested by a quick support ticket.

What If a Core of Plugin Update Breaks Our Site?

In these rare cases, we are able to roll you back from a recent WordPress backup. While incompatibilities are uncommon, they can happen and cause temporary outages. In that event, our engineers will be alerted immediately via our internal 24/7 website monitoring system. We would then proceed to address the issue on your behalf.

If an update causes a cosmetic issue with your site, that would fall outside the scope of our monitoring. In that situation, you would open a support ticket and have our team work to fix the issue for you in order to bring your site back online. As long as you stick to regular themes and plugins, no issues should develop.

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