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Is Pagely Compatible With Roots.io/Bedrock?

We are not compatible with Roots/Bedrock or anything that modifies the core WordPress folder structure. The main goals that are accomplished by BedRock are to ease the management side of your WordPress application to become more approachable with a friendlier file structure arrangement and custom development tools using Composer.

As your fully managed WordPress hosting partner, Bedrock’s process conflicts with how we update/patch WordPress sites internally across our network and our InfoSec teams obscure some areas to better protect our clients which is why we don’t support it. Standard theme/plugin uploads are perfectly fine.

Review our process on How We Update WordPress Core and Plugins for you without the need for downtime in the linked Support article.

If you’re intending to use Bedrock to manage your stack, we’ve got good news– this is something we inherently perform for you as part of our service offering. While we don’t support their framework in its entirety, some aspects such as the deep webroots directory structure can be a nice alternative that we can certainly accommodate. For more information on setting up deployment processes with Pagely, see how to Set Up Git For 1 Click Deployment.

For gaining a clear idea of what we can support and workarounds we can provide in this regard, please contact sales.

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