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Am I Able to Use Pagely’s Services For My Own AWS Accounts?

All of our customers’ servers run under our master AWS account. We require control of your server in order for you to fully utilize our fine-tuned technology stack and infrastructure to service your WordPress sites. Therefore, you would not have direct AWS console access as you would with any self-owned instances running under a personal AWS account.

Why might you need to keep or open your own AWS account?

Routing Backups To Your Own S3 Bucket

As a Pagely customer, you have the option of routing your nightly backups to your own personal S3 bucket. These by default are accessible for download via your Atomic dashboard. By having a second location for storing backups in S3, you can bypass our 14 day retention policy.

Storing Your Media Assets

Using S3 to store your media gallery assets is another cost-effective way of limited your disk expense. These would still utilize our PressCDN service, so you wouldn’t have to forfeit those performance gains but offloading your static assets off your VPS.

If you need assistance with setting up an S3 bucket for either of these purposes, we can guide you. Our Support KB article offers step-by-step instruction of how to Create an Amazon S3 Bucket to link to your Pagely VPS.

Hosting Your Non-WordPress sites

We focus exclusively on supporting WordPress. Our expertise and architecture is built around the CMS and therefore we don’t accept any non-WordPress sites on your Pagely VPS instances. If you are managing any apps based on another framework, some customers will opt to host those within the same datacenter as their VPS for a lower-latency connection should that be needed.

Note: If you’re currently an AWS customer looking to transfer your WordPress sites to our platform, we offer alternate purchase options via the AWS Marketplace that may be attractive to your procurement department.

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