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Are Customers Required to Run the Latest Version of WordPress?

Yes, for both security and functionality reasons, we require customers to run the latest versions of WordPress. We know making these larger software updates can be tedious and time-consuming, which is why we perform these updates for you.

WordPress core updates are mandatory and automated by default. If needed, customers can request a version hold as a temporary fix should you experience any issues resulting from an update. We create nightly backups of both your filesystem and database, so you always have the option to rollback if need be. If you have questions or hesitations regarding an updated being pushed, please open a support ticket for this concern.

During the initial on-boarding procedure, we’ll bring your entire stack current to the latest versions by default. If you’d like to delay this process to ensure compatibility and zero breakage, just let your dedicated on-boarding manager know and we’ll hold off on making these for you in your HelpDesk support ticket.

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