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Does Pagely Provide Server Maintenance?

Yes, this service is at the core of the value we offer. This allows our customers to operate worry-free in this regard and prioritize their focus and attention on content and customer relationship success, leaving the integrity of their WordPress sites in the hands of experts.

What Aspects Does Pagely Maintain?

We maintain the entire stack on your behalf, from OS-level kernel updates (TuxCare), to PHP/MySQL/Apache patching and upgrades, and both WordPress core and plugin updates. These automatic maintenance updates to your WordPress core and plugin files ensure you are using the most performant and secure versions available.

Daily WordPress Backups

Backups provide a safe, contained repository of your files and database to restore from in the event of a disaster or user-generated error. We perform nightly backups on your behalf which are stored off of your main web server onto a secure S3 account managed by us.

These daily backups are available for download through the Atomic Control Panel, and a support request can get you access to any hourly snapshot you may need.

If you would like copies of your backups to accrue in your own S3 account, we can help enable this for you. Check out our article on Sending Backups To Your Own Amazon S3 Bucket for more information.

Durable Disaster Recovery

Each hosting plan provides a specific disaster recovery procedure with varied Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO), depending on the type of configuration your WordPress site is running on: single web server vs. multi-server HA cluster. These also involve varied maintenance events/upgrades on whether you’re sharing traffic across multiple servers or not.

Find our DR scenario policies with a downloadable PDF document in the linked page on our website.

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