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Does Pagely Offer One-Click Deployment Options?


Setting up Git is the primary method our customers use for their deployment process. This provides your developers with a reliable and universal foundation for creating a 1-click deployment plan.

Check out our Support KB articles on the topic:

  1. Setting Up Git for 1-Click Deployment
  2. Automatically Deploying WordPress Sites From GitHub

Mentioned in the first article, you’ll find tutorials on: creating a remote repository, creating a post-receive hook, adding your remote repository locally, and pushing to your production server. This assumes one repository per site. However, the post-receive script can be adjusted to perform specific actions based upon the branch name, such as deploying to branch-specific sites.

In the second article, we go into how our Git Integration tool works, and necessary steps and considerations when deploying updates to your WordPress website.

Staging instances can be added easily from your Pagely dashboard and will reside on your VPS. If you’d like a dedicated staging server, our VBURST plans are an excellent resource for parsing out your environments.

Curious if your specific workflow will work with Pagely’s servers? The answer is probably ‘Yes’ — but if you’d like to make sure, just get in touch with sales.

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