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Does Pagely Assist In Optimizing My WordPress Site?


Our reputation is built around the WordPress wisdom — built up over 10+ years of hosting premium, enterprise WordPress sites — that we are able to offer our customers. We guide you towards the most pragmatic solution that fits your needs.

Our experience and expertise are paired with a refined technical stack, tailored to maximize the performance, scale, and efficiency of your AWS products. And we’re always working to conserve your server’s CPU and memory to run WordPress even more optimally.

Check out our Video Case Study below to see the type of customer service we provide first hand from an existing valuable client of ours and the pay-offs that followed:

For a more in-depth review of your website’s performance, we recommend partnering with a developer to schedule a suite of load testing scenarios to uncover deeper server-side tuning, so we can draw out any potential risks when running your WordPress sites at peak load. Our team will be right alongside you the entire way, ready to analyze results and advise how we can help enhance the quality of your performance.

When first starting with Pagely, we recommend all new customers review our Optimizing WordPress Guide in our Support Knowledge Base. Effectively utilizing our caching layers, avoiding Ajax POST/GET requests and session cookies wherever feasible, and using HTTP/2 and reconfiguring your webserver-mode are all sensible steps that we advise. If there is a long-running query or poor plugin subtracting from your performance, we will find it and help offer insight into resolving those issues for you.

By making the extra effort to understand your business and traffic, our team’s WordPress expertise can be fully leveraged so that both parties can achieve their desired success.

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