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Does Pagely Offer Free Trials?

We do not offer any free trials with Pagely.

If you’re curious to explore our services to support your WordPress hosting needs, please contact our sales team for a consultation.

Pagely is a premium managed WordPress hosting solution; we have sourced top-class engineers trained and experienced in managing and scaling WordPress on Amazon Web Services.

Our goals, before securing a commitment to utilizing our resources, are to ensure we’re a perfect match for your organization’s requirements prior to signing on any dotted line. We’re respectful of the fact these decisions are thorough and extensive in nature, so our team is happy to progress through your evaluation process at your own pace so you are fully comfortable.

Billing Accommodations

Whether your organization prefers annual invoicing and extended contract terms, or finds a monthly commitment and billing cycle more approachable, our system offers the flexibility you need to remain invested in Pagely at your discretion.

Under certain special conditions, there are cases where a refund can be awarded. Please review our Refund Policy for more information on when those may be warranted.

To see our dashboard, please check out our pre-recorded Atomic walkthrough video to get a better feel for our control panel and features.

Note: Our article on Additional Payment Methods & Additional Billing Info examines how we can work to best accommodate your procurement team’s billing wishes.

White-Glove Migrations

We perform two WordPress website migrations free on your behalf, taking all of the heavy lifting off of your team’s shoulders during this transition. This serves as the first building block of our relationship and the degree of customer care we provide, and we’re here to prove you’re in good hands with our team.

Learn about our on-boarding process and how to prepare for a migration to Pagely.

Creating Your Pagely Account

Ready to get started? Contact Sales today!

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