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Does Pagely Support Cloudflare?


We support Cloudflare, Fastly, and other CDNs — besides our native CDN, PressCDN — our optimized integration with AWS Cloudfront.

Generally speaking, CDN is less expensive than (web server) Bandwidth, so services that offer free CDN, like Cloudflare, can be a wise choice — Pagely can optimize your setup to work with Cloudflare so your costs stay low.

That said, many of our customers choose to move their entire operation to Pagely, for the cost-effectiveness (Pagely has a strong partnership with AWS), and simplicity. 

Each Pagely hosting plan is allotted a monthly figure of PressCDN, and we offer low-cost CDN expansion options should you need additional resources.

If you are currently using Cloudflare to protect your business from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, Pagely provides safeguards against these attacks through the AWS Shield Standard security program we adopt through utilizing the secure AWS network.

The InfoSec section of our Support Knowledge Base has more detailed information about security infrastructure, policies, and practices.

Contact our Sales team to learn more about your CDN options with Pagely.

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