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Does Pagely support Cloudflare?

Yes, we do support Cloudflare on our platform. Generally, customers will choose to use their service if their website is pushing massive amounts of CDN. This will allow you to defray some of those costs by offloading that traffic to Cloudflare. As an alternative, we do offer CDN expansion options a la carte should you need those additional resources.

Each of our VPS solutions are allotted a monthly figure of AWS CloudFront CDN which comes included in each plan’s monthly fee. If you’d like to utilize Cloudflare as your CDN provider instead, that’s certainly feasible with us. Current plan options and associated resource figures can be found on our pricing page.

If you’re presently using Cloudflare to protect your business from Denial of Service threats, Pagely provides safeguards against these attacks inherently through AWS’s Shield Standard security program we adopt through utilizing their network.

For more information on how our advanced security protocols we activate for WordPress can benefit your organization, please contact sales to learn more.

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