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Does Pagely Support Cloudflare?

We do support Cloudflare if you’d prefer to utilize their services. Generally, customers will choose, or continue to use their service if your WordPress site is pushing substantial amounts of CDN or bandwidth. Depending on where those usage levels site, this will allow you to defray some of those expansion costs by offloading that traffic to Cloudflare.

Each Pagely hosting plan is allotted a monthly figure of PressCDN, powered by AWS CloudFront. As an alternative, we do offer CDN expansion options a la carte should you need any additional resources. These allotments are specified under our Plan Comparison Matrix.

If you’re presently using Cloudflare to protect your business from Denial of Service threats, Pagely provides safeguards against these attacks inherently through the AWS Shield Standard security program we adopt through utilizing their network.

Contact our Sales team to learn more behind our WordPress security stature and explore our InfoSec section in our Knowledge Base.

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