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Is Elasticsearch Compatible With Pagely?

Yes, Elasticsearch is compatible with Pagely infrastructure and services.

Elasticsearch allows you to leverage the ElasticPress WP Plugin to speed up certain aspects of your WordPress sites. This plugin is installed and configured by our savvy technical engineers on a per-site basis.

Elasticsearch has a paid Enterprise version, but you can use the free version with Pagely.

What Is Elasticsearch?

Elasticsearch is designed to enhance the search query process for larger WordPress databases, finding the requested relevant content much faster leveraging more customizable features. Content analysis performance can start to degrade as you scale a default WordPress database. Elasticsearch solves scaling search deficiencies by building its own index of your site’s content to increasing querying speed, especially for complex searches.

In addition to indexing your searchable content, Elasticsearch can help improve performance with three key areas of WordPress:

Once we’ve configured Elasticsearch for you, you’re able to toggle each module on or off from within the WordPress Admin dashboard.

How Can Elasticsearch Benefit Me?

We’ve seen WooCommerce sites experience up to 10x performance gains on the product search feature when implementing Elasticsearch. Search queries that took upwards of 14 seconds to run could now run in less than one second. It is a very powerful tool that can make your visitors, and business, happy.

To enable this feature, you would simply file a support ticket from inside your Pagely Atomic dashboard and we’ll set up Elasticsearch on your behalf, free.

Which Plan Supports Elasticsearch?

The more content there is to keep indexed, the more RAM memory will be used. For best performance, we recommend running Elasticsearch on a Performance+ plan or greater. At this level, you’ll have an adequate amount of resources to operate and scale. Customers are always welcome to open a Support ticket to have our team review your CPU and RAM usage, and decide whether Elasticsearch will play nicely with our lower entry options.

Elasticsearch is just one of the many tools we make available to Pagely customers, with flexibility being a key component of our offering. Speak with our expert sales team to discuss further!

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