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In the event of a regional outage, what’s Pagely’s recovery process?

Albeit rare, should a failure occur of the home region without an existing DR footprint present, our team would be begin building a completely new server(s) in another operational region and start restoring file and database backups. Server rebuild times are extended and may be further complicated if there is insufficient instance availability.

If a region is down, other AWS users are likely to be building new servers in other regions coincidently, prompting a run on instance availability. For added protection from this scenario, we recommend customers provide us with a secondary personal S3 bucket in an alternate region in case the outage is also impacting S3 in the home region. Our automated backup system will upload a copy of files and database to that bucket as well.

At any level, we have 24/7 active monitoring in place with immediate alerting in place to notify our team to address the issue/concern. For thorough documentation of our Disaster Recovery processes, see this page.

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