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Exploring Pagely and Amazon EC2

The Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) web service is the staple feature that powers all of Pagely’s web hosting plans. Known for its robust framework around security and its ability to meet aggressive scaling demands, it has become the industry standard for elastic cloud computing infrastructure, and the preferred choice for empowering Pagely customers.

What Makes Amazon EC2 So Special?

With near-instant startup, Amazon EC2 enables us to quickly and efficiently spin up brand new EC2 instances dedicated purely to your websites, which is how WordPress likes to live and be hosted.

And since you only pay for what you use, we can just as easily spin down an EC2 instance, so we can avoid locking you into any long-term contract commitments (it’s also not akin to our values).

Fueling WordPress at Remarkable Scale

Practically-limitless flexibility is another core, innate feature of EC2. Business needs will almost always fluctuate, sometimes at an unpredictable pace and time. Amazon’s elite product allows us to quickly resize and reboot with the right level of resources available to you fast, efficiently, and dependably. We use this power to proactively adjust to your demands at a reasonable rate.

Start Reaping the Benefits

Ultimately, gaining access to the vast ecosystem of AWS is an immense benefit that originally won us over when we first started to analyze what the ideal building blocks would be for serving our customers. With all of Amazon’s various technologies and tools, it gives the perfect opportunity and freedom to evolve your WordPress-powered applications. Backed by our proven guidance, abilities and support, we can keep your blog, e-commerce store, or publishing site, fast, secure, and healthy.

Learn more about Amazon’s EC2 here, and reach out to our sales team to learn how Pagely’s services can help you scale your business.

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