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How Does Pagely Handle WordPress Core Updates?

WordPress core updates are automatic by default and occur in the background as a non-event, meaning there’s no additional involvement or special requests needed from you to receive these updates.

How these updates are handled depends on the type of release being applied:

  • If it’s a security point (minor) release we push the update automatically within 24 hours.
  • If it’s a major feature release we typically hold it for 2-3 weeks to do compatibility testing before pushing it out. If you need it sooner you can open a support ticket and we’ll selectively apply it immediately to your site upon request.

Customers who are hyper-sensitive to potential conflicts arising from a core update can request a version freeze on their production site and have auto-updates occur on a staging site instead. In that scenario you would need to open a support ticket and request to have our team apply that update to your production site for you. This is because we lock down the WordPress core files and therefore managing those self-serve is outside of our customer’s control. We recommend you employ a weekly process for ensuring WP core on production is kept up-to-date.

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