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How Are WordPress Security Patches Handled At Pagely?

Security-related patches are applied to customer servers in a timely manner based on the severity of the patch, all of which are approved directly by the Pagely InfoSec staff. These tend to take place within 24-48 hours of their release to ensure the changes do not cause interruption in service and are prioritized based on the criticality of the security vulnerability addressed being in the patch.

A monthly maintenance window will be scheduled with customers in advance for patching to occur. Our system routinely performs an internal gap analysis to verify all customer servers have had security patches applied. Any servers missing an update are patched at this time, to fill any gaps.

If we see any issues on your WordPress site related to the security upgrade, customers can trust we will work on correcting those promptly. All interaction between customers and our staff will be conducted through our ticketing system, easily accessible from your Pagely Atomic dashboard.

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