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How Do I Determine Which Plan Is Right For Me?

Our centralized architecture and level of service makes us a unique player in the ever-expanding managed WordPress hosting space. We don’t extend our attention across any shared or containerized hosting plans, nor do we compartmentalize our customers’ needs around a hard page view count. So when comparing Pagely to its competition, it’s not an easy apples-to-apples pairing.

Talk To Us

Our helpful sales specialists are happy to consult with you and pinpoint a proper recommendation that fully accommodates your needs. From a computing and service standpoint, we’re here to ensure you’re receiving the resources your organization wants and requires.

We’ll digest details of your current technical specs, expectations, future goals and assurances. Our job is to take all of these pieces into account and combine them into an adequate service quote. Tell us about your situation by sending us a quick overview on our Contact Page to start!

Estimate & Load Test

With a 30 day moneyback guarantee and two free migrations, there’s very little in the way preventing you from trying us out. After estimating a plan you feel is best out of the gates, you have the option to load test your server for setting the most accurate examples of how your environment will respond to simulated waves of traffic.

If the results under-scale your traffic averages, no problem! Upgrading your Pagely plan is a quick and painless process from our customers’ perspective. Basing our entire infrastructure on AWS EC2 instances, we can simply resize your existing server within just a few mins.

Note: Given the nature of WooCommerce and membership sites, these require additional resources than static publishing sites that are able to maintain higher caching rates.

Allocating Risk

It’s important to factor in the risks around the true cost of website downtime and quality performance levels when administering a change in hosting. Different plans will afford you different heights of insurance. It’s our job to help strike the right balance of effectively meeting your goals while managing spend.

We wrote up a great blog post on How To Choose The Right Hosting Plan with an in-depth story and decision tree table to guide you along the way.

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