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Route Your WordPress Backups to a Personal Amazon S3 Bucket

Do you have an S3 bucket in a personal AWS account? Customers can link their personal buckets to their Pagely account and dual route a copy of their daily WordPress backups to accrue in both places. This allows you to store your backups for as long as you’d like, beyond our 14 day retention policy.

By default, these WordPress application backups are accessible from your Atomic dashboard. See where to access your WordPress App Backups and how to restore those backups in the linked support article.

Regardless of how many sites you’re hosting with us, only a single Amazon S3 account is required. You would just need to Create An IAM User for Pagely. There will be subfolders for each site within the S3 bucket you grant us access to.

Additionally, for a small fee, Pagely can create and manage an extended backup storage S3 bucket for you.

Find a step by step guide on how to Create An Amazon S3 Bucket and additional information on how to pair your Pagely account to the new bucket. If you have an existing S3 bucket you’d like to us, just contact support for any assistance in copying your WordPress backups over!

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