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PressCACHE™: Upgrade Your WordPress Performance

As an elite enterprise-focused WordPress hosting service, Pagely clients rely on our advanced aptitude and commitment to keeping their WordPress site performant. After 10 years of making things right, we’ve created a refined set of resources under our PressCACHE™ label for optimizing your visitors’ experience.

What is PressCACHE™?

PressCACHE™ is our global WordPress acceleration system. It works much like a CDN, but with multiple standout features uniquely designed to cache and serve your WordPress pages.

NGINX is the underlying technology layer to every web server we deploy. Logic is set to whether your visitor request can be served from cache, which we’ll refer to as the “HIT” layer. The second or “MISS” layer is the web server mode (NGINX-only or NGINX+Apache) where the request is proxied to PHP to render the content dynamically.

NGINX is a valued customer of Pagely. Check out their case study and how our service was the perfect and only match for solving their personal hosting and scaling challenges.

Using our PressDNS™ service, these requests for your website are routed to one of our global PoPs (Point of Presence) serving from any closest to the user, shorting travel & load times. This specialized service is available with all of our dedicated VPS plans.

How Does PressCACHE Improve Performance of My WordPress Site?

Having the right caching and CDN base can yield extreme dividends to your website visitors. PressCACHE is the number one component of our architecture and service to expedite performance without paying for additional hardware. Any relevant assets are automatically purged anytime you modify or publish a WordPress post.

For starters, you can realize more greater throughput and consistent, fast response times once leveraging PressCACHE™. This is because the NGINX layer can strip any assets already stored in cache causing less communication needed between the origin server, maximizing your performance.

As you really start to scale up your WordPress site, PressCACHE can handle hundreds of requests per second easily when working with cacheable content. Compare this to a dynamic asset invoking PHP, you can whether simultaneous requests in the single digits, so it’s an immense payoff to using our caching system.

Going Beyond the Technology

Beyond these benefits, the other critical asset Pagely customers have to leverage for performance is our heralded technical team. We offer deeper insight into what those root causes are resulting in slowness for your WordPress site in order to put together a proper action plan for eliminating those bottlenecks. The Pagely team routinely solves caching conundrums that other hosts fail to diagnose, let alone recognize and understand.

To learn more about how Pagely’s special forces can help elevate the status of your WordPress web properties, please contact sales.

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