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How does Pagely minimize downtime?

Reliability is a fundamental priority at the core of every WordPress hosting service. The value and assurance Pagely affords customers is testament to why our high-demanding organizations and major brands we serve trust our platform for scaling their WordPress sites.

All of our hosting options provide you with a dedicated Amazon EC2 instance, so customers can refrain from having to worry about their website being negatively affected from sharing resources with multiple users running on the same VPS. AWS awards us the maturity and performance our customers require for keeping their site live on the most tested cloud infrastructure. Historical uptime data can be found near the bottom of our tech page.

We also have active 24/7 monitoring in place that alerts us in the event of downtime on your site. We also have various performance checks which proactively notify us when you surpass critical thresholds like maxing out your RAM or CPU for example. Paired with a robust caching system and masterful management, you can find the right degree of confidence you’re looking for with Pagely.

If your business requires an additional degree of reliability beyond our single web server plans, we have multi-node High Availability options we can place you on for additional margin for downtime.

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