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Explaining Pagely’s WordPress Backup Process

We do a full copy of your WordPress filesystem & database and then zip that all up into a single file and store it in our Amazon S3 account. We have a 14-day retention policy on WordPress application backups. If you want to keep your backups longer than the standard 14-day period, customers have several options:

Option 1: Use a separate S3 bucket

If you have an Amazon S3 bucket of your own, you can create an IAM user on that, and we will dual-route backups to your S3 account, letting you store these for as long as you’d like. Create An Amazon S3 Bucket.

Alternatively, for a small fee, Pagely can manage an S3 bucket for you, under the Pagely AWS account.

Option 2: Download and store backups manually

Log in to your Pagely Atomic dashboard and manually download your individual WordPress backups via the UI.

Option 3: Automate distribution of backups to alternate services

Create a cron job to automatically download the backups and transport them to the service of your choice. We can provide some example code.

Note: Customers can also manually instantiate on-demand backups every 6 hours via SSH by using the WP-CLI tool. To enable this feature, please submit a Support request.

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