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Explaining Pagely’s WordPress Backup Process:

We do a full copy of your WordPress filesystem & database and then zip that all up into a single file and store it in our Amazon S3 account. We have a 14-day retention policy on WordPress application backups. If you want to keep your backups longer than the standard 14 day period, customers have a couple of options:

  • If you have an Amazon S3 bucket of your own, you can create an IAM user on that and we’ll dual-route backups to your S3 account, letting you store these for as long as you’d like.
  • Log in to your Pagely Atomic dashboard and manually download your individual WordPress backups via the UI.

If you’d like to Create An Amazon S3 Bucket, click on the linked article for a step-by-step walkthrough with screenshots with useful info using our Press3 service.

Note: Customers can manually instantiate backups on-demand every 6 hours via SSH by using the WP-CLI tool. To enable this feature, please send in a support request to have our team approve this.

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