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The Server Provisioning Process: What’s Involved?

After you’ve successfully created your new Pagely account, our Ops team is alerted immediately to begin building out your new server(s) based on what you select in our signup form. Usually, we’re able to complete the initial provisioning process within 24 hours of setting up your account. This expectation applies to both single and multi-server configurations.

Our timely server setup comes at no additional cost to you. Find our plan options available with details on our Pricing Page.

Every Pagely customer is assigned a dedicated on-boarding coach who will serve as a point person for answering questions and walking you through each step of the process. They will continue to update you throughout this time via our support ticket system where you’ll follow along and communicate with our team over Zoom and email.

While we’re helping get you set up, you’ll want to submit a migration request right from inside your Pagely Atomic dashboard for any WordPress websites you’re looking to have us transfer.

Head over to view our KB article on External Migrations to see more details on our approach to handling your WordPress site, including pricing and methods for self-managed migrations.

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