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How Many Users/Collaborators Can Be Added to Our Pagely Account?

Collaborators are what we at Pagely refer to as your account users. When managing collaborators, the primary admin or owner of the account can assign specific roles and access privileges to each team member, WordPress developer, etc. you add right from inside your Pagely Atomic dashboard.

See the diagram below for the various roles and permissions available:

The number of collaborators you can have is essentially limitless; we don’t enforce any hard cap in this regard across any of our dedicated VPS plans.

Each collaborator will require a unique role an admin will need to authorize first before bringing him or her on board. This lets us know we can exchange account-sensitive information with them depending on their role and situation. For your ultimate protection, we refrain from sharing any account-related details with any person(s) not listed on the account.

Incase you need any help adding users, our support team is a support ticket away to offer assistance. Visit the linked Support Knowledge Base article above for how to add, remove, edit and toggle between different roles.

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