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How Do I Install an SSL Certificate?

From inside your Pagely Atomic dashboard, we provide all of the necessary self-service tools to easily install an SSL certificate at your convenience.

Navigating to the SSL tab, you can select “Add Certificate“, prompting a window displaying your options for generating a CSR, which is something you’ll need to do first, and uploading a certificate to enable encryption for your WordPress site. A complete step-by-step instructional guide can be found in our article: Installing 3rd-Party SSL Certificates.

It’s important to note we don’t provide SSL certificates directly in-house. Customers will need to purchase a 3rd party certificate from a valid vendor. Comodo and SSLs.com are great resources we recommend.

Additionally, Let’s Encrypt is all supported with us. From that same window, a third option is available to install an LE certificate if you’re satisfied with their level of security.

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