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Is Pagely Able to Host My Non-WordPress Apps?

Our standard VPS platform is purely designed around serving and supporting the WordPress CMS. Any non-WordPress apps you may have will not be possible to host on our entry VPS plan options.

That being said, if you’re using WordPress as part of a more nuanced strategy or custom configuration for your websites, there are opportunities available here we can explore:

WordPress + Microservices

While our standard solutions are strictly suited for operating WordPress (with the ability to run PHP based workers in Gearman), some customers may have different aspects of their site using a software outside the CMS. Take an API written in Java for instance, if you’d prefer to run that under our management, we can consider supporting that on a custom cluster plan.

As to how we best decide to control these applications, we use NGINX routing to send requests of various types to the microservices so we maintain the benefits of caching and routing in NGINX. These microservices are mainly for adding a unique, specific functionality to your app. Incorporating Docker or Node.js and server-side rendering to style your website are other common examples we see.

In summary: we hold the aptitude to support your most sophisticated needs across nearly any type of microservice for your application.

Using AWS For Your Non-WordPress Sites

Depending on your needs, some customers who are maintaining a variety of websites across multiple CMS frameworks may decide to house their non-WordPress or custom apps in the same datacenter under a separate AWS account they manage self-serve alongside their Pagely VPS.

From a latency standpoint, any difference in deliverance should be undetectable for your visitors by being served from a distinct AWS EC2 instance. We leave this decision to our customers on whether the convenience of housing all websites under a more generic provider is worth sacrificing the proficiency, platform, tuning, security, updates, our clients value us for.

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Connect with our sales team if you’d like to chat about how we host WordPress and what’s possible for how we can support and host your applications’ needs.

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