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Is Pagely Able to Host My Non-WordPress Apps?


While the Pagely platform is optimized to provide Managed WordPress hosting, we can accommodate non-WordPress applications by using custom Docker containers.

Common use cases are:

WordPress + Microservices

While our standard solutions are strictly suited for operating WordPress (with the ability to run PHP-based workers in Gearman), some customers may have different aspects of their site using a software outside the CMS.

As to how we best decide to control these applications, we use NGINX routing to send requests of various types to the microservices so we maintain the benefits of caching and routing in NGINX. These microservices are mainly for adding a unique, specific functionality to your app. Incorporating Docker or Node.js and server-side rendering to style your website are other common examples we see.

Contact US

Connect with our sales team if you’d like to chat about how we host WordPress and what’s possible for how we can support and host your applications’ needs.

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