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Is Pagely Able to Whitelist IP Addresses?

Yes, this is something we can accommodate for you at either the NGINX or network level. Whitelisting IP addresses is a security practice meant to protect your domains or computer from nefarious activity by untrusted users. With a range or single IP authorized for access, you can explicitly limit who’s logging into your admin or systems.

For example, if you wanted to restrict outside users from accessing your WordPress admin, whitelisting an IP address would afford you that control. Others outside your approved list will see a 403 forbidden message when attempting to access.

Whether you’re whitelisting IP’s to production, development or staging instances, we advise pointing those (sub)domains to the correct CNAME records ideally at the DNS level. This is to ensure you’re passing the GeoCache node locations for your sites to have us properly set up the IP restrictions. Once DNS propagates, any uncleared IP’s will receive the aforementioned 403 message.

If you need to whitelist any IP’s, just supply us with the authorized IP address (range) you need whitelisted via a support ticket and we’ll help enable this setting for you.

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