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Does Pagely Offer High Availability Hosting Plans?

Yes, our High Availability (HA) plans run two fully-functional Amazon EC2 web servers where application data is actively sync’d in real-time from the primary to the live secondary node. These are purely for serving traffic while your SQL database is isolated onto a separate, elastic Amazon Aurora Relational Database Service (RDS) cluster.

Why Is High Availability Important?

The main objective of an HA layout is to provide heightened durability that’s able to function continuously without failure while your WordPress application remains in production. When aiming for complete uptime assurance, there are proper accommodations we put in place to counter any potential failure through redundant Amazon-based elements.

Each AWS EC2 web node is housed in two distinct AWS Availability Zones (AZ) linked within a region for low-latency connections and extreme fault tolerance operating on different power grids. We’re also constantly monitoring both web servers via CNAME DNS to ensure they’re in a stable, healthy state.

Having redundant auto-failover capabilities in place will allow you to bypass downtime when server-level maintenance is required, or remain resilient during a hardware failure (rare, but possible). Another instance is if we need to resize your hardware to accommodate a new expectation (or unanticipated) surge in traffic. We can apply these updates in a staggered fashion so your visitors never see a change or error page during these events.

How Is Traffic Served With High Availability?

One web node will always be the primary with the second fully ready to assume the role through auto-failover; traffic is not evenly split between the two in a more traditional load balanced config that’s designed for scalability. This is to account for better protection so you always have a reliable resource-healthy point of failure to resort to. Naturally, our PressCache service is designed to weather the brunt of your traffic volume.

Customize Your Server Configuration

While this configuration is how High Availability responds best, if you’re looking for a multi-server cluster to scale beyond the capabilities of our standard plan options, we can always build a custom cluster environment for you. Depending on your needs, some customers benefit more by scaling vertically (increasing the CPU/Memory capacity of a single node rather than adding additional nodes in) to better serve high waves of traffic.

If the threat of downtime scares you, come talk to us. We’re always happy to chat about your situation and help determine which route is most suited for your requirements and needs.

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