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Does Pagely Offer High Availability Hosting Plans?


High Availability (HA) is offered on select hosting plans. With a stellar track record preceding us and aggressive 99.99% Minimum Availability Guarantee noted in our SLA, High Availability takes uptime assurance one step further for your mission-critical WordPress sites.

Full Redundancy

The main objective of High Availability (HA) is to provide increased durability in the event of a system failure; that is, either your website will remain operating continuously, and/or your website will be able to recover much more quickly that with a non-HA setup. This is achieved by having multiple points of failure; i.e., a single failed disk drive will not be able to bring down your server. Our High Availability plans operate in either an active/active or active/passive configuration, depending on your needs (read more).

Smart Load Balancing

For Active/Active HA configurations, visitor traffic is weighted across each dedicated EC2 instance using Amazon Route 53 DNS Health Checks in a load-balanced configuration. In the event of a server failure, the unresponsive node is taken out of the DNS result set until it starts passing health checks again. Requests would then automatically failover to the stable, active node. With 24/7 Uptime Monitoring in place, our team is attentively keeping watch over your environment.

For Active/Passive HA configurations, visitor traffic is directed to the single Active node unless and until that node begins to fail DNS health checks, at which point traffic will begin being directed automatically to the Passive node. Pagely Support is alerted when this happens and will repair and ultimately switch traffic back to the primary Active node once the primary node has been repaired.

Advanced Reliability

Utilizing Amazon’s state-of-the-art infrastructure gives us strong, competitive advantages we are able to deliver to our customers. We provision each HA EC2 web node in two distinct AWS Availability Zones. These are isolated, separate locations linked within a region, connected by low-latency links. This solidifies true high availability through applying extreme fault tolerance and resilience over rare hardware failures, leveraging different power grids.

Zero Downtime Maintenance

Bypass potential downtime with High Availability plans whenever server maintenance is required. Critical server-level updates can be administered in a staggered fashion, keeping one server instance in rotation. Should you upgrade your plan or need our Ops team to resize your EC2 instances to accommodate new expectations (or unanticipated) surges in traffic, the same application rules can be followed.

The Cost of Downtime

If the threat of downtime scares you and you have measured its cost of impact, talk to us. We’re always happy to consult and help you determine the solution that is best suited towards achieving your needs and goals.

Note: Read our blog post on Scaling Up vs. Scaling Out to learn more about the balance between achieving high performance vs. strong reliability when choosing your hosting layout.

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