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Is There Analytical Data I Can View In Our Dashboard?

Our Atomic dashboard provides you two layers of analytical resource data you can view:

  • Resource Consumption

The PRESSFORMANCETM tab of your dashboard displays a usage graph of your CPU utilization across your server. This allows you to see any patterns or spiking that occurred within a specified timeframe. For a more detailed, formal report of your CPU/memory usage, you’re welcome to open a support ticket to have our DevOps team review that information with you.

Note: If you’re running on one of our VBURST plans, this graph can be a helpful tool for tracking your credit utilization for proactive planning and tuning.

Find a brief run through of the main section in Atomic in our Getting Started Guide.

The second layer provides clarity into your usage data across the various resources included with your VPS plan such as server bandwidth, CDN, and requests. These details can be found as an aggregate figure and on a per-application basis under the “Apps” tab. We can also recommend some WordPress plugins to use inside of your sites to track detailed visitor data.

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