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How Does Pagely Handle Large Spikes In Traffic?

Our priority is to get your WordPress site well optimized as best as possible to maximize your performance per dollar spent at Pagely. We have an integrated CDN and caching system (once cache is configured properly it can better tolerate spikes) for accelerating page load times, offloading requests from the server and providing the ability to scale your application more efficiently.

If you’re anticipating a substantial spike in traffic around a pre-planned marketing event for example, we can temporarily resize your hardware to a larger setup in advance to ensure you have the proper resources available without forcing a permanent plan upgrade.

We can perform these resizes on relatively short notice but generally appreciate a minimum 24 hour advanced notice via a support ticket. Additionally, customers have the option to run load testing against their Pagely VPS to gain deeper insight into how their current resources will sustain various levels of traffic.

The hardware you need to handle peak loads is primarily a function of how well your site caches. If you’d like to discuss your situation, we can help quote you the right solution with us by first making an introduction via our quote request form.

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