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Malware Scanning for Your WordPress Website

All web applications and user home directories at Pagely are scanned daily for indicators of malicious software. We use our own open-source Linux Malware Dedicated tool (“maldet”) which receives regular updates to its over 40,000 indicators of compromise. LMD actively tracks real-world threats and generates signatures in real-time, as they’re circulating. Our staff supplements this list with additional fingerprints identified during our Incident Response process.

When malware is detected, Pagely’s Incident Response process is triggered immediately alerting our InfoSec staff to respond. We perform a thorough investigation into the issue and provide the customer with a full, transparent report which includes remediation steps we’ve taken on your behalf to resolve the incident, the source of compromise (if identified), and any recommendations that would help improve the site’s overall security in the future.

Timelines for reaching a resolution vary and in some cases can take longer than 24 hours for us to fully examine, but respond is immediate.

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