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Add Flexibility to Your WordPress Environment with Microservices

Microservice architecture (Microservices) is designed to bring a suite of functionality to your web application by connecting smaller services together via API’s, each having their own centralized roles. Opposite to the monolithic, traditional way a WordPress app is configured and ran under a single web server, a microservice architecture is a much more comprehensive approach to fragmenting each program onto its own unique server instance.

How Can Microservices Be Used With WordPress?

Let’s put it a bit more in context. Microservices makes it possible to broaden your technical scheme outside the WordPress framework using services like Laravel, Node.js, Python or other basic atomic services running in a Docker image. Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) creates the perfect foundation for orchestrating and scaling containers for your microservices to bring more ease around authentication, queuing or visual features to your app.

Say you’re running an eCommerce or auction site where you need to elicit user recommendations / bidder notifications or maybe you’re using WordPress purely as a backend base for data storage with a Server-Side Rending (SSR) framework like Vue.js to build out the front end of your site. We can leverage these microservices under an ECS cluster for you so you’ll have the practical range your app needs without forfeiting the benefits of our security bravado, NGINX caching or complete problem-solving skills.

Scaling Microservices

Scalability also plays a role in sparsing different aspects of your app into Docker images. Resource allocation is easier to apply when you need it, but the driving focus behind microservices is adding functionality. While our normal VPS platform is strictly suited for operating WordPress carried by the best technology, we can support essentially any type of microservice you’re exploring in a custom ECS cluster configured and managed by our expert in-house staff.

WordPress is quickly evolving into a back layer intertwining with services like Gatsby, Node.js and the aforementioned. Customers need a host that can manage all of it, the right way. If you’re running this type of modern application and hitting walls, Pagely is the sophisticated hosting provider that can match your necessities.

Start by connecting with our sales team to explore your project in deeper detail.

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