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How to Migrate a WordPress Site to Pagely – Suggested Methods

Customers have a handful of options for how they would like to migrate their WordPress site to Pagely:

Take Advantage of Our Expert Staff

Let our specialized team handle your WordPress site migrations for you full white-glove concierge! Two migrations are included free across all of our plans, regardless whether you have a complex, basic or multisite WordPress install. Simply fill out the secure migration form inside the Support tab of your Pagely Atomic dashboard and provide us with the following info:

  • Domains/sites you’re requesting transferred
  • Source provider currently hosting the sites
  • Source login (URL, username, and password)
  • SSH login
  • Any special instruction our team should know (like a reverse proxy for example)

And that’s it! An engineer will review the details and keep you updated on progress. Our team prefers to transfer your WordPress site via SSH as that makes it possible for us to do a final data sync just prior to cutover. This is to ensure the Pagely site is current with any data that’s changed in the interim.

During this time, we’ll also configure our technical stack and attempt to scope out any surface-level errors our developer experts can find & address for you before switching DNS over.

Note: If you’re uncomfortable giving the Pagely team access to the server where your WordPress site resides, we can instantiate your site on Pagely via a backup file. Just be sure to send us a zip of both the MySQL export as well as the full WordPress installation directory.

The DIY Approach

Customer always have the option of porting any websites themselves. Whether you have an abundance of WordPress sites or prefer to handle self-serve to save a bit on the budget, there’s always options for self-assisted migrations. These methods include:

After Migration

Once the migration has been completed, our team will verify this with you in a HelpDesk support ticket where you’ll follow along and ask any questions you have to our team. At this stage, we’ll help correct any problematic concerns we identify going over our VPS Review Checklist. After confirming everything checks out, you’ll need to adjust the DNS settings to cutover traffic to your new Pagely server.

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