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Does Pagely Have Documented Penetration Test Results to Share Publicly?

The Pagely architecture is unique in the Managed WordPress Hosting space with WordPress-focused secure solutions. However, we do not provide any penetration tests documented for public view since our customer’s server(s) are distinctly owned by the customer, i.e. each hosting account is individual to the customer on a stand-alone Amazon EC2 server. 

What is penetration testing and why is it useful? Pen testing is performed to exploit any susceptible vulnerabilities in your own computer system by designing a preset simulated attack.

There are no penetration tests that blanket our infrastructure as the only layer between a customer’s VPS is Amazon Web Services, our exclusive Cloud Service Provider. These tests can vary from customer-to-customer given the range of unique installations or operate any code involved inside of WordPress on a VPS.

You have a few options with us to adhere to this requirement:

  1. When creating a new account, you can execute a penetration test on the base installation before making your site live.
  2. You can run a penetration test on your existing VPS with Pagely to review the results of our setup with your current WordPress apps.
  3. You can hire your own 3rd party vendor to perform the tests and we’ll need to be alerted in advance of the scan as our team needs to coordinate with AWS to whitelist IPs to not to trip our IDS systems.

Security is always at the forefront of our minds and systems. Find more information on our process and where to Gain Approval to Run Security Scanning Against Your Pagely VPS.

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