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Does Pagely have an Incident Response program?

At Pagely, we provide an Incident Response program when a compromise is detected on a customer’s site. Our Incident Response program will provide customers with a full report of our staff’s findings to the best of our ability.

These detailed reports include:

  • What indicators of compromise were detected
  • What steps were taken to clean up the site
  • What the initial attack vector was (if identified)
  • Our expert recommendations towards remediation steps to prevent further compromise.

New files are scanned daily on all customer sites to search for known signs of malware.

It is not uncommon that our Incident Response program will detect an unreleased or 0-day exploit being used in the wild. If possible, for these matters we perform a patch for the exploit to remediate the immediate risk, then follow our Vulnerability Disclosure process with the author of the vulnerable code.

Security is a top priority we take extreme care of. Find more details around our PressARMOR™ service and how we achieve proper enterprise secure WordPress hosting for our customers.

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