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Does Pagely Offer Any Command-Line Tools?

Yes, we have two in-house command-line utilities: Pagely Sync & Pagely Clone Tool. See technical documentation on using both to copy files to a staging environment:

Pagely Sync is a more simplistic approach for creating one time copies of a single application. Pagely Clone is essentially a wrapper around our syncing tool with advancement/extra steps for more repetitive cloning processes. Pagely Clone best accommodates a Muiltsite network if you’re hosting one with us.

Note: Both essentially act as testing tools, and are not designed as deployment solutions for pushing changes. For that purpose, we encourage setting up a git-based workflow.

Ultimately, we support most everything that can talk to your server via SSH. If you need to install custom libraries on your VPS we can do that on your behalf, just open a support ticket to connect with our WordPress engineering experts.

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