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Supporting WordPress Multisite Domain Mapping

However you choose to architect your WordPress Multisite, we fully support Multisite here, including domain mapping. This approach to structuring Multisite uses different sub-sites to map to a particular top-level domain.

No matter how many sub-sites you have living within your network, Multisite counts as a single WordPress install towards your site limit. Avoid page view caps, site caps, and other plan limitations with Pagely’s Fully Managed VPS Hosting Options.

For example, if you wanted subsite.maindomain.com to translate, or “map” to domain.com, so it appears as its own standalone domain, domain mapping will allow you to accomplish this. The same goes for subdirectory sites – maindomain.com/subsite can be mapped to domain.com as well. Regardless of how you have your multisite structured, both methods are supported at Pagely.

Do I Need a Plugin to Map Domains?


In previous versions of WordPress, a plugin was required to be able to map your domains such as the WordPress MU Domain Mapping Plugin. In case you’re running behind on your WordPress versions or unaware of this change, WordPress started offering domain mapping natively right from their dashboard without needing a plugin since version 4.5 was released.

Note: When migrating your WordPress website to Pagely, we update your entire stack for you to realize the latest performance and security benefits. For a list of plugins we don’t support on the Pagely platform, head over to our Support Knowledge Base to review our Forbidden List.

Adding SSL to Your Multisite

Securing WordPress and your Multisite network doesn’t need to be a daunting and costly task — Pagely handles nearly all of it for you automatically. We can use a variety of third-party SSL certificates for the primary domain and Server Name Indication (SNI) will apply SSL to each new sub-site you create.

There are myriad third-party wildcard SSL certificates compatible with Pagely. With all applicable SANs added prior to DNS being pointed to your Pagely VPS, the SSL certificate will be available to the your sub-sites thereafter.

Adding a third-party SSL certificate is easy! Jump over to our Support Knowledge Base to see How to Install 3rd Party SSL.

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