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Does Pagely Support Custom Deploy Scripts to Do Composer/Yarn Installs?

Npm is available on your VPS, so you can install latest Yarn in your home directory as well with npm install yarn. Some WordPress themes rely on Yarn to aid in the asset building process. This will create a node_modules dir where ever it is ran, however there are options to customize.

For our policy regarding extra packages:

  1. If it’s a package that exists in the standard Ubuntu repositories, we’ll consider it.
  2. If the package in question is a tool such as emacs, we’ll add it without concern.
  3. If it’s something needed to assist you in maintaining or building code such as grunt, npm, or composer, that’s perfectly acceptable as well.
  4. Any items outside those specified above must be reviewed before validating approval. Generally these hesitations relate to your WordPress app and we don’t allow running other services outside of the PressARMOR™ security hardened environment.

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